Applied Optoelectronics & Photonics Lab


Welcome to the Giebink Research Group at Penn State!


  1. 10/18 - Yufei defends his thesis!

  1. 8/18 - Alyssa defends her thesis!

  1. 11/17 - Media highlight on perovskite laser work

  1. 7/17 - Media highlight on CPV work

  1. 2/17 - OSA highlight on fluoropolymer AR coatings

    Our interests lie at the intersection of optics and electronics, where we use a variety of organic and inorganic materials to realize new, practically useful devices and to explore new physics that emerge along the way.  In particular, we focus on challenges related to solar energy conversion with the ultimate goal of developing an economically viable alternative to fossil fuels.  Working with materials ranging from organic semiconductors to liquid crystals, polymers, and 2D materials, our group leverages creativity and curiosity to address real-world problems in a fun and fast-paced research environment.

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