Group Members


Noel (Chris) Giebink

Assistant professor

Department of Electrical Engineering

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA

209H EE West

Ph: 814-865-2229


Chris Giebink is an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at Penn State University. He joined the department in the fall of 2011 following two years as the George Wells Beadle postdoctoral fellow at Argonne National Laboratory, where he focused on solar energy-related research. He received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Princeton University working on organic light emitting diodes and lasers, and holds undergraduate degrees in both Physics and Engineering Science from Trinity University (TX).  He holds 9 patents and is a senior member of the National Academy of Inventors as well as a recipient of the DARPA YFA, AFOSR YIP, and NSF CAREER awards.


Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

  1. Fei Bu (2014-2015), Thesis: “Anti-Stokes luminescence in Lumogen F dyes”

  2. Beverly Post (2014-2015), Thesis: “Exploring the concept of self-oscillating photovoltaics”

  3. Brian Markman (2012-2013)

  4. Bethany Bernardo (2012-2013), Thesis: “NPD-C60 organic solar cell charge transfer state characteristics”

  5. Josh McGowan (2012-2013), Thesis: “Light concentration via waveguide surface curvature”

  6. Xuerong Xiao (2012)




Christian Ruud

Taehwan Kim

Alex Grede

Yufei Jia

Seeking students for 2018/2019

Post-doctoral Researchers

Current post-doc opening >> Interested applicants should email a CV and cover letter to Prof. Giebink

Baomin Wang

  1. Alyssa Brigeman --> ZIN Technologies. Thesis: “Charge transfer and strongly coupled states in organic photovoltaics” (2018)

  2. Jared Price --> Apple. Thesis: “High efficiency planar solar concentrators and novel structures for organic light emitting diodes” (2018)

  3. Rijul Dhanker --> Intel. Thesis: “Injection and bipolaronic charge species at metal-organic semiconductor contact interfaces” (2017)

  4. Yufei Shen --> Ernst & Young. Thesis: “Spontaneous emission control and nanoscale carrier transport in optoelectronic devices” (2017)

  5. Yixin Yan --> Micron Technology. Thesis: “Sub-wavelength modulation of complex refractive index and chi2 optical nonlinearity in organic thin films” (2016)

Hoyeon Kim

Chiao-Yu Cheng

Nina Krainova